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Taylor Forestry


 As an independent consulting firm, Taylor Forestry manages woodlands and markets forest products for landowners helping them realize their goals through the innovative applications of sound forest management practices.  

About Ray Taylor

As a graduate of the School of Forestry at NC State University and working as a Registered Forester in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia for the past three decades I offer a wealth of experience and expertise in Forest Management Services.  As a professional forester, I remain steadfastly committed to assisting landowners realize their land ownership visions through the innovative application of scientific forestry practices.

Prior to founding Taylor Forestry in 1992, I worked as a Procurement Forester and later as an Assistant District Forester for the NC Forest Service.

Active memberships in various professional organizations and participation in continuing education assures my clients of exemplary service and advice.

Why hire a Consulting Forester?

A consulting forester is an independent professional who manages woodlands and markets forest products for private landowners assuring compliance with environmental regulations.  Consulting foresters are required to have a bachelor's degree and experience in the application of scientific forest management practices.  They must adhere to strict ethical practices and meet continuous education requirements.  Consulting foresters cannot buy timber and must always work in the landowner's best interests assuring unbiased advice and customized options.    


Timber Sales

  • Free, initial onsite consultation

  • Establish landowner goals including income tax impact

  • Create harvest plan

  • Establish sale boundaries

  • Inventory and appraise timber

  • Market timber to potential buyers

  • Oversee sealed bid sale or negotiated sale

  • Facilitate timber sale closing

  • Monitor logging operations

  • Coordinate reforestation

Forest Management

  • Forest management and property tax reduction plans

  • Timber inventory

  • Hardwood and pine timber management

  • Reforestation

  • Boundary line maintenance

  • Wildlife and recreational management

  • NC Landowner Protection Act

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